Netizens have shared terrible stories of life

Netizens have shared terrible stories of life

Tred, from which on the skin crawls.

In mid-February, a Twitter user under the nickname fcuktv wrote a scary post about the fact that his child is someone sees in an empty room.

So, guys, what should I do if the baby cries and the question “Who hurt you?” shows in the empty corner?

Advise the hotel, please, it seems we’re moving.

— Gensi ☮ (@fcuktv) 11 Feb 2019.

In response, members began to tell scary stories that happened to them or their acquaintances in real life. And some of them really feel uneasy.

My daughter was two years old. Night, crying. What happened? “Uncle Yuri is scary! Let him go!” Uncle Yura, a neighbor behind the wall, died the day before.

— glam02din (@glam02din) February 12, 2019.

in the childhood was afraid of the night to look out the window (lived in a quiet village) and yet late one night got up to drink some water and looked to me out of two eyes flashed, I yell, it turned out that the homeless are lost and knock on the door was afraid

Maria Paskannaja (@masha_1589) February 13, 2019.

I was four. awaken in the morning to go to kindergarten, I opened my eyes and a hole in my ceiling and there looking at me for a coward, Bobby and experienced, pulling his hands out to me and get down with some rope. on this day, by the way, died Vitsin.

— latent believer (@durachello) 14 Feb 2019

I could see worms in the corner – a huge tangle. Also yelled and called my mom. Then the accident happened.

— Rabies Uterus (@BechenstvoMatki) February 12, 2019.

lol my mother told me that year two showed her with horror and tears into turning off the TV and said “I am afraid aunt”

— Kate, but not Blanchett (@cliquilljoy) February 12, 2019.

I was young, I saw in the empty corridor, laughed and said to my mom that tetki very beautiful dress. And (attention) that the guy in the hat watching us from there. The guy in the hat campaign to all have time to look

— Artem Gridnev (@artyomgridnev) February 13, 2019.

My cat is constantly playing or fighting with someone imaginary. Kids are kids)
(But the Holy water I began to keep close.)

— hola (@OlgaDubrovina) February 12, 2019.

The child was shown the empty corner near the window and said that there aunt and “I’m afraid aunt.” Several times. It was a little scary. Then it took.

— Julia_L (@jullik_jull) February 12, 2019.

A couple of months ago, I also clearly called an unfamiliar male voice “Len, Leen”, like in the next room. Lying on the couch, the baby slept quietly in his crib. Terror froze just.

— Elena Pazukhina (@elenapazukhina) 14 Feb 2019

In 12 years, went with friend to go to school together. While waiting, while she was going, watched from the kitchen as her brother throws toys in the living room (they flew in different directions, in the direction of the corridor). It turned out that my brother was gone in the morning. The toys continued to fly.

— Anton Shineft (@anton_shineft) February 13, 2019.

I was a child once distinctly saw a hand holding onto the window sill at night.
We live on the 12th floor.
Still more balcony door try not to leave covered, always turn the handle

— sebas background from here (@Ce6a_Who) February 13, 2019.

My sister lived for some time in the kV of a friend. Periodically, moving along the corridor, caught a glimpse of the guy on the couch. I thought in the 1st time that guests who come, but no. And nes years ago died brother of this friend

— Ekaterina Boyarskaya (@ecotherine) February 13, 2019.

A few years ago, shot with the girl apartment. Almost every night we have nightmares, and the same, woke up too at the same time. Often the noises were coming from the kitchen like spoons knock. Over each doorway and Windows were painted Orthodox crosses, probably from the former owners

— 5 years without a vacation (@paxomov322) 14 Feb 2019

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