Which produces the world’s most expensive dark chocolate (video)

Which produces the world’s most expensive dark chocolate (video)

For 50 grams you need to pay $ 500.

In the capital of Ecuador, Quito, was held on tasting an unusually expensive dark chocolate. It is made from rare varieties of cocoa beans — “national”.

Collect the beans in the valley of Piedra de Plata in South America. 50-gram tile of this chocolate costs $ 500.

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While tasting treat, take a wooden tweezers. So the smell of hands is not able to kill the unique flavour of the product.

Tasters have compared chocolate tasting with wine tasting. Both products of plant origin. They are influenced by climate, soil, rainfall, neighboring plants and the number of Sunny days.

In the early twentieth century the trees of the cultivar “national” was struck by an epidemic. It was believed that they all died, but in our time it turned out that these chocolate trees still grow. This was confirmed by DNA analysis. During the year these trees produce a modest harvest in 50-60 fruits.

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