Scientists have found footprints of a Neanderthal

Scientists have found footprints of a Neanderthal

Report on the sensational discovery was published in Quaternary Science Reviews.

A footprint, allegedly belonging to the Neanderthal, were found at Gibraltar.

If the data is confirmed, it will be the second in the world similar tracks. The first was found in the cave Vartop Romania.

First #Neanderthal footprints found in #Gibraltar. via @unisevilla @EurekAlert

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The discovery was made by researchers from the National Museum of Gibraltar, together with colleagues from Spain, Portugal and Japan. Report on the sensational discovery published in the international journal Quaternary Science Reviews.

The study started 10 years ago when it was first obtained data using optical Dating — the physical method of Dating based on the determination of the point in time when the mineral last time was in the light. Then we found the first tracks left by vertebrates.

Since then, the area of sand dunes Catalan Bay were found traces of deer, mountain goat, round, leopard and forest elephant probivnogo. In addition, it was discovered the trail of a child or young person, presumably Neanderthal growth 106-126 see the Trail about 29 thousand years.

The sand dunes of Gibraltar are a relic of the last glaciation when the sea level was 120 meters below present. Here made many scientific discoveries.

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