Medinsky told about the plans to implement a cultural norm for students

Medinsky told about the plans to implement a cultural norm for students

The Ministry of culture and the Ministry of education are working to create the cultural standards for students, said the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky at the investment forum in Sochi.

According to Medina, the idea is to integrate in school curriculum cultural component. “Relatively speaking, during the schooling, each student should ideally visit — I call the conventional figures — of 100 performances, watch the top 100 films, preferably domestic, to visit a number of museums, to concerts, to get acquainted with the architectural monuments”, — said the Minister. After the student will have to share experiences with friends, teachers and parents in a special paper or electronic diary.

Medina said that the idea of introducing regulations of the Ministry of culture prompted the experience of the Penza region. There are regional authorities adjusted the educational program, allowing students together with teachers for ten Saturdays a year to go to museums instead of in a classroom.

The project of implementation of cultural standards in schools will be presented in the near future, Medina said, without specifying whether the need funding to implement plans. According to the materials of the government on national projects for the implementation of the national project “Culture” plans within six years to spend from the state budget of 113.5 billion rubles.

Stream the round table on implementation of the national cultural project was carried on the website of the forum.