Gay, a crook, a friend of trump: who imposes sanctions against Moscow

Gay, a crook, a friend of trump: who imposes sanctions against Moscow

US senators introduced a bill on new sanctions against Russia.

Us senators Lindsey Graham and Bob Menendez introduced a bill imposing restrictions against banking and energy sector of the Russian Federation and against the Russian national debt. Meanwhile in the US the reputation of these politicians is very ambiguous. What I suspect, and sometimes directly accused the senators — in the material “Газеты.Ru”.

American senators have prepared a bill about the new restrictions against Russia. The purpose of the new sanctions package “to punish Russia for interference in U.S. elections” and “due to aggression in Ukraine”. The latter refers to the incident in the Kerch Strait.

The document implies sanctions against the shipbuilding sector and public energy projects, restrictions against 24 “FSB agents”, which participated in the arrest of the Ukrainian sailors who have illegally crossed the Russian border in the Kerch Strait. In addition, the senators propose to apply sanctions against Russian banks, which, according to Washington, “to support efforts to undermine the democratic institutions of other countries,” as well as against the Russian cybertecture.

Moreover, the senators believe that the state Department must decide “whether to treat Russia as a sponsor of terrorism.”

The authors of the document were already known in Russia senators Bob Menendez and Lindsay Graham.

Last year they already tried to push through Congress sanctions bill against Russia. Then made a package called senators, Act on the protection of U.S. security from the Kremlin’s aggression (Defending American Security from Kremlin Aggression Act, DASKA).

Sanctions and other measures provided for this project are among the most stringent in history. They are also a consequence of the desire of Putin to undermine American democracy.Lindsay Presenter

The document was never adopted.

Lindsey Graham: gay, military, supporter of trump

Graham is one of the most influential senators of the United States, he represents South Carolina. Colleague who died last year, one of the most vehemently anti-Russian “hawks” John McCain, he is not less rigidity to Moscow than late. He previously called the bill against Russia “sanctions of hell.”

Around Graham’s many scandals — opponents accuse him that he has to hide his homosexual orientation. However, he is considered a politician close to the President of the United States Donald Trump, and Graham is consistent with this title. He harshly criticized spectracolor Robert Mueller that he turns a blind eye to abuses by the FBI.

In August of 2018, Graham has called for an investigation into the actions of the FBI with stolen by hackers emails of former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. This Senator said the TV channel Fox News. In particular, he criticized the FBI for surveillance of a former US presidential Advisor Donald trump Carter page.

As a former soldier, Graham is an active supporter of the use of military force to establish order. In the words of the Senator, the US is “always good guy”. Previously, he argued that in Iraq “there is an opportunity to show the Arab world and others that the rule of law — the main thing“.

At the same time, writes the magazine Foreign Policy, namely Graham claimed after the explosion at the Boston marathon that detainees should be punished as an “enemy soldiers”, despite the fact that both brothers Tsarnaev were citizens of the United States.

Even when his own comrades in the party started saying that the war in Iraq was a mistake, Graham disagreed and blamed the problems not the author of the tragedy of the Iraq — former US President George Bush — and somehow Barack Obama.

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For example, Graham argued that the fact that Obama is not able to adequately respond to the death of American diplomats in Benghazi in 2012, has given Russia the opportunity to take jurisdiction over Crimea in 2014.

The publication Foreign Policy in the article Graham said that the Senator always been known for loud statements, such as: “the middle East is undergoing a revolutionary change: women began to drive, Syria is close to collapse, Gaddafi was killed. We need to intervene”, — quotes the edition of a quote from Graham in the article “Always wrong” in January 2015.