Revealed new details in the case of the tragedy of the Dyatlov group

Revealed new details in the case of the tragedy of the Dyatlov group

In Studio a current-show “Let speak” has presented new details of the investigation of the mysterious death of tourists on the Dyatlov pass in 1959.

In the second part of the discussion, the guests discussed the identity of one of the most controversial members of the expedition — Seeds Zolotarev, the involvement of the people of Muncie to the tragedy, and gave the arguments “for” and “against” the influence of natural phenomena on the sad outcome of the expedition.

The Studio program “Let them talk” was again discussed new details related to the investigation into the mysterious death of tourists on the Dyatlov pass, after 60 years after the tragic incident, the incident remains a real mystery.

The second part of the talk shows lined up around the individual Seeds Zolotarev — the oldest participant of the expedition, the veteran and physical education teacher. It is known that the body of a member of the group has long lain in the Creek, which was unrecognizable even to his family. However, in the hands of the deceased was discovered weird tattoos, which no one saw in life.

In addition, according to the chief editor of “KP” Vladimir Sungorkin, in the biography of the Zolotarev also full of “contradictions.”

He noted that, although the party documents of Dyatlov’s group was listed as Simon, he told me to call him Alexander, which surprised those present in the Studio.

The reporter added that was found in the archives said he was honored many awards, but after some investigation it turned out that some of these “regalia”, he did not belong.

To Sungorkin joined the journalist “KP” Natalia Varsegov, which also revealed new details about the mysterious Simon. According to her, the inconsistencies in the physical education teacher has caused great suspicion in this connection the editorial office appealed to the relatives of the deceased, who agreed to conduct the exhumation.

There were two medical examinations, which took samples of the remains of the deceased.

It turned out that the results of one of them kinship with the family of Seeds has not been established, and therefore, as noted by presenter Dmitry Borisov, in the grave could be buried by someone else.

Varsegov, in turn, added that the grave in which he supposedly buried Zolotarev, in fact, was not in his name.

In the Studio appeared stepdaughter Seeds, who spoke about “hard” character of the father. She also noted that tattoos on the body of Zolotarev never was.

“He was very hard. In my memory left a lot of unpleasant episodes connected with this person. It was a child’s resentment all the time He asked for some discipline,” admitted the woman.