In the U.S., the children spoke with a British accent. They adopted it in peppa

In the U.S., the children spoke with a British accent. They adopted it in peppa

British animated series so popular among American children that they unwittingly imitate the accent of the characters.

In the US, many parents noticed that their children started talking with a British accent. It turned out, all because of the cartoon “Peppa Pig”, which is produced in the UK since 2004. The series show around the world in different languages, but in America it is watched in the original English.

“Abriel so often watching the “Peppa Pig”, which sometimes speaks with a British accent”.

Aubrielle watches Peppa Pig so much that she speaks in a British accent sometimes ??

— Alice (@AliceFaith95) November 18, 2018

“Thanks, “peppa Pig” my three year old [son] has developed a British accent. This is evident when he says the word “tomatoes””.

Thanks to Peppa Pig the 3-year old has a British accent but only for the word “tomahtoes.”

— That’s my wife (@ThatsMy_Wife) March 3, 2018

“I hope everyone thinks my daughter has a slight British accent, because we are very educated, not because it grows on the cartoon “Peppa Pig”.

I hope people think my toddler has a slight English accent bc we’re so cultured and not bc she’s basically been raised by Peppa Pig

— Sweatpants Cher ? (@House_Feminist) October 19, 2016

Mom: “johnny, drink some water.”

~ With an English accent ~

Son: “Thank you, mommy Pig”.

Mom: “Johnny drink some water.”
~In an English accent~
Son: “Thank you Mommy Pig.”#PeppaPig #MommyPig

— ConfessionsOfAStayAtHomeBoss (@ConfessionsStay) January 27, 2019

According to the linguist from Dartmouth College Roberto Agudo, in the British accent no big deal. Due to the plasticity of the brain, the accent will disappear from them as soon as they stop watching the “Peppa Pig”.

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