“Crime”: the Creator of “What? Where? When?” commented on the scandal with Havin

“Crime”: the Creator of “What? Where? When?” commented on the scandal with Havin

The General Director of “Game-TV” and co-author of the program “What? Where? When?” Natalia Stetsenko said the conflict master of the game Aleksandr Druz and chief editor of the program “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Ilya Ber. She said that he had talked with ber, and Havin, “the readings are different”.

“According to the Druz, a proposal was received from Ilya ber, but for me it’s all unimportant and secondary. Money nor friends, nor Sydney (partner Friends on the game. — Esquire), or even ber did not win, did not. So crime, in my opinion, also”, — is spoken in the statement published on the website of the company.

Then Stetsenko began to talk about what honor and dignity. She expressed lack of understanding of the act of ber, which, being a professional editor, “entered into the transaction exposing not only the person with whom he often dined at the same table, not a TV show, the channel on which it operates”.

Don’t understand neither this man nor his actions. Would it not be easier to understand? Do not understand for what? For the sake of cheap popularity? The desire to attract attention to his person? For what? Maybe soon the elections?Natalia Steenkolenmijnen “Game-TV”

She also condemned the act of Friends and Sidneva. “If you provoke the questionable behavior, except adults, decent, honorable people should not give a decent answer baseness?”, — said in a statement.

The scandal surrounding the game “Who wants to be a millionaire?” broke on 12 February, after ber Friends accused of bribery, saying that he asked him to disclose the list of questions and answers in exchange for a portion of the prize (the prize is three million rubles).

Friends later saidthat ber initiated the transaction, and he only “played along diligently” to check “how far can this man go”. “And the man went on to discuss the details of the transaction, which I carefully played along with him,” said druz.