Ekaterina Andreeva has criticized the Zapashny brothers for cruelty

Ekaterina Andreeva has criticized the Zapashny brothers for cruelty

TV presenter Ekaterina Andreeva accused of Edgard zapashnogo in the brutal methods of training animals. This subject, the journalist touched on, commenting on the murder of poachers endangered leopard in Abkhazia.

The presenter of the First channel Ekaterina Andreeva accused the General Director of the Great Moscow state circus Edgard zapashnogo in animal cruelty. Commenting on the killing of endangered leopard, barely released, the journalist broached the subject of poor treatment of animals in the circus.

In his instagram Andreev said he did not understand how you can go to “entertainment” events to which predators are trained “lances, whips and fire,” and advised the audience to think about which way achieved the obedience of animals.

“In our country for cultural purposes (as compiled by the law passed by deputies) to torture whales and orcas, and then to drive them at a reasonable price to the Dolphin…

And trainer Zapashny will be on the Presidential Council to throw its direct competitors “Cirque du Soleil” to which he is as the moon, and to promote their circus program of taming tigers and lions, wrote Andreeva.

She told me that she is an Ambassador for leopard in one of the funds of nature protection. In September, the staff of this organization have placed camera traps in the area of the habitat of five wild cats to monitor their adaptation in the wild. At the same time, poachers have laid several traps to catch the animals.