“Russian Knights” showed a new aerobatics

“Russian Knights” showed a new aerobatics

MOSCOW, 10 Feb — RIA Novosti. Pilots of the aerobatic team HQs “Russian Knights” on the su-30cm has worked aerobatics at Moscow air base Kubinka. Personnel training published by the TV channel “Star”.

First, the four pilots performed the audience is already familiar maneuvers — aerobatics group, the “hill” with a turn, synchronized barrel roll and the joint to “loop the loop”.

Then the pilots demonstrated a totally new figure — after the dissolution of the climb. The feature of manoeuvre is that the aircraft before the Quartet went into the audience and flew in different directions, whereas now they almost vertically rose up and went at height about thousand meters, describing the trajectory of the “big flower”.

It is expected that the “Russian Knights” will show a new aerobatic maneuvers at air shows.

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The group commander Colonel Andrei Alekseev said that in its composition there are many young aviators. According to him, graduates of aviation colleges, sat down in the second cabin on the workout, was a little over 20 years.

“It’s a lot of young people is the most important thing. Have someone and something to work on. The main task is to make our business continued”, — said Alekseev.

“Russian Knights” was formed in April 1991. The uniqueness of our group is that it is the only aerobatic team in the world, performing aerobatics in heavy fighters, all combat vehicles are serial samples.