Named simple ways to heal the gut

Named simple ways to heal the gut

A scientist from the University of reading (England) Glenn Gibson identified five simple rules that will help to normalize the bowels.

First specialist advised me to eat more fiber, which is contained in a number of vegetables, fruits and legumes. This will help to reduce the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

The second tip is to include in the diet of probiotic yogurt and probiotics. This means that you should not give up onions, garlic, potatoes and cold beans.

The third rule of healthy bowel — the refusal of sweet and fatty foods, writes, “Federal news Agency”.

The fourth point is to minimize the stress and excitement. The negative emotional state changes the blood flow and secretion in the intestine.

Do not forget about sufficient water intake. Gibson advised every morning to drink a glass of water 40 minutes before Breakfast.

Earlier in February, scientists have named the ways to prolong youth. A major role in the preservation of youth experts took lifestyle habits, nutrition and regular visits to the doctor. The experts also identified the most useful product for youth.

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