Nutritionists give advice on giving up the sweets

Nutritionists give advice on giving up the sweets

Nutritionists have developed recommendations that can help you to give up sweets and lose weight.

According to experts, it is first necessary to stop using candy and cakes while watching movies or for action as due to the lack of concentration is difficult to control the amounts eaten.

Another way, which leads the TV channel REN TV, is to abandon habits that involve the use of harmful products. For example, during a break at work, it is recommended to buy not a sweet pie, but with meat or vegetables.

Nutritionists also recommend eating sugar gradually and to pay special attention to the sweet soda. Experts warn that these drinks contain huge amounts of sugar.

Another “secret” way of giving up the sweets — try to eat a piece of cake without coffee or tea, regular drinking water. Experts believe that several such attempts to discourage the desire to eat sweets for a long time.

Earlier in February, scientists have named the ways to prolong youth. A major role in the preservation of youth experts took lifestyle habits, nutrition and regular visits to the doctor. The experts also identified the most useful product for youth.