The latest Russian “flying radar” made a test flight

The latest Russian “flying radar” made a test flight

The latest Russian aircraft airborne patrol A-100, called “flying radar”, made its first flight phase pre-flight tests. On Saturday, February 9, reported the press service of the defense Ministry of Russia.

“A multifunctional aviation complex of A-100 developed in connection with the emergence of new classes of purposes and the creation of a fighter aircraft of new generation. Its capabilities far exceed both domestic and foreign analogues”, — quotes the Minister TASS.

The plane of AEW A-100 has carried out its first flight in November 2017. It was constructed on the base of military-transport Il-76MD-90A. On it, according to developers, installed fairing with a unique antenna system and the latest in special equipment.

In July 2018, the source described the main characteristics of the aircraft. It was reported that one of the main advantages of A-100 is the radio transparency. It was reported that there is no complex, which would have similar capabilities. In addition, modern aircraft compared to the A-50 significantly increased the range of detection of air and sea targets. And significantly increased number of simultaneously accompanied by the air and objects processing speed all information.