Bashkir doctors explained video “abandoned” on the floor patient

Bashkir doctors explained video “abandoned” on the floor patient

MOSCOW — RIA Novosti. Employees of Chelyabinsk clinical hospital № 1 has commented on the video, in which the patient companies lies on a hospital floor.

As stated by the portal one of the nurses of the hospital, her colleagues began to shift the woman to bed because you were waiting for her will be held seizures.

“The patient was to remain on solid ground, because she had a seizure. In this case, it is impossible to touch people and to raise it,” she explained.

The health Ministry is already conducting an internal review on the incident, reports news Agency “Bashinform”.

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The corresponding roller in a social network “Vkontakte” I published one of the neighbors of the patient in the ward.

“The woman lost consciousness and was lying on the cold floor an hour and 20 minutes. The doctor was not”, — stated in the description of the video.

On the recording captures the moment when the chamber came two nurses. Seeing that the floor is a patient, they inspected it and measured the pressure. To raise a woman they did not. After that, the physicians for some time, left the ward for the nurses to call the doctor. When he returned, they shifted the patient on the blanket with the other patients and gave her water.

The author of the video said that they would send the video to the Republican Ministry of health.