Reuters learned of the transfer of accounts of the joint ventures, PDVSA, Gazprombank

Reuters learned of the transfer of accounts of the joint ventures, PDVSA, Gazprombank

Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA transfers Bank accounts of its joint ventures in the Russian Gazprombank, Reuters reports with reference to sources and the corresponding internal document seen by reporters.


The Agency explains the decision to transfer accounts to the Russian sanctions imposed by the US against Venezuela. According to the Agency, PDVSA is asking the leadership of their joint ventures to transfer revenues from oil sales on new accounts in Gazprombank.

The Venezuelan company also puts pressure on foreign partners in joint ventures in the area of one of the richest reserves of oil fields in the world — the Orinoco belt. PDVSA requires partners official decision, do they continue to participate in projects. Among its foreign partners — Norwegian Equinor, America’s Chevron and France’s Total. PDVSA has ordered that its joint venture with Equinor Total — Petrocedeno — suspended work.

Washington in late January imposed sanctions against PDVSA, blocking the assets of the company totaling $7 billion In so American companies can continue to buy oil from Venezuela, but the money for raw materials will be transferred to a blocked account.

As a condition for lifting sanctions, the us authorities called the “quick transfer of power to the interim President,” Juan, Guido. The opposition leader, Guido January 23, said about the illegality of the government of President Nicolas Maduro and declared himself acting President of the country to the moment to be announced new presidential elections. According to the United States imposed against PDVSA restrictions will help preserve the assets of the company for the Venezuelan people.