Third – “the poisoner” Skrobala associated with other poisoning

Third – “the poisoner” Skrobala associated with other poisoning

A third man suspected of involvement in the poisoning of ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in British Salisbury in 2018, is linked to another poisoning. This is stated in the British investigation group Bellingcat and the Insider.


The article says that 45-year-old Sergei Vyacheslavovich Fedotov travelled to Bulgaria in those days in 2015, when the attempt on a local businessman of Hebrew. While ago, he flew not pre-purchased a direct ticket from Burgas, via Turkey.

The authors of the investigation note that the circumstances of the assassination is similar to the poisoning Skrobala. Bulgarian businessman fainted at a reception in Sofia in April, then felt bad his son and one of the top managers of the company. They were hospitalized with symptoms of severe poisoning, Hebrew spent a month in a coma.

The publications, the examination found traces of organophosphates — evidence that the businessman tried to kill nerve substance belonging to the class of “Novice”.

In may of the same year, after a significant improvement in the condition of Hebrew deteriorated — then in Bulgaria again came Fedotov.

Bellingcat and The Insider claim that Fedotov is a member of the GRU (now the Main administration of the General staff of the Russian armed forces), as well as two other suspects in the London poisoning Skipala — Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. In addition, the submission States that the man’s name is fictitious, and that he got his alleged in 2010.

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That third agent of Russian secret services associated with poisoning Sergei Skripal allegedly temporarily left in the UK after the attack, British media reported on 6 February. The Russian Embassy in London called this information an injection of British intelligence, which is designed to distract people from the topic of a British exit from the EU (Brexit).

Skrypali was found unconscious on March 4, 2018. London was accused of involvement in the incident Russia, and later revealed the names of the “poisoners” — Alexander Petrov, and Ruslan Bashirov. According to the Bellingcat investigation and The Insider, Bashirov really is the personnel officer of the Russian military intelligence, Colonel Anatoly Caigoy, and Petrov — a military doctor, an employee of the GRU Alexander Mishkin.