Girls are the devil. Who was the serial killer from the cult of Charles Manson

Girls are the devil. Who was the serial killer from the cult of Charles Manson

MOSCOW, 8 Feb — RIA Novosti, Victoria Dubovskaya. One of the young followers of the infamous American serial killer Charles Manson, Leslie van Houten may be released after 40 years in prison — a recommendation of the Committee on parole of the state of California. Sect of Manson’s “Family” consisted mainly of girls.


These “girls” killer and the motives that led them to blindly follow a leader — in the material RIA Novosti.

Murder on Cielo drive

The most famous crime of “Family” — a massacre committed on August 9, 1969 in Los Angeles, in the house on Cielo drive, where lived the famous Director Roman Polanski’s wife, actress Sharon Tate. That night, Polanski was out of town, and wife, which before delivery was a few weeks spent time in the company of three friends.

For sure to establish why “Family” you chose this address, and failed. According to one version, Manson considered himself a musician, suggested that the house belongs to a friend of the producer who refused to work with him. On the other — the founder of the sect visited the mansion before, knew the layout and chose this house because it is located in the suburbs.

Manson himself in the massacre was not involved. According to the forensic report, a pregnant Sharon Tate 16 times, stabbed her friend — 28 times, and one of the guests literally devoured: shot him twice, struck 13 times with a blunt object on the head and stabbed 51 times with a knife.

The next day he killed two more. Manson himself got into the house and tied up the owners — the owner of several shops and his wife. Then came his accomplices were violently murdered victims.

The police took a false trail suggesting the first case involved drugs. According to some reports, victims consumed psychoactive substance and could become victims of traffickers. The guards did not see the link between murders committed in these two days. Only a few months later the investigation found out: in both crimes were the members of the commune “Family”, and the main performers — a girl aged 20 to 22 years.

“I don’t pity you, woman”

For murders Charles Manson has personally selected from numerous followers five: Charles Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie van Houten and Linda, Kasabian. Recent direct participation in the crimes was not accepted and then acted as the main witness for the prosecution.

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Each of the girls had a difficult life story to the “Family”. For example, Susan Atkins left home after his mother’s death, did not get along with father. Moved to San Francisco and earned a living he could have danced a Striptease, prostitution. Leslie van Houten from the age of 14, took drugs, by age 17, became pregnant but her mother forced her to have an abortion.

Young age, difficult childhood and an unhealthy dependence on Manson did not soften the court’s decision — all sentenced to death. Later, due to the temporary abolition of capital punishment in California, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.