The last parade: died Sergei Yursky

The last parade: died Sergei Yursky

A great actor could find the human even in the roles of villains.


He did not live up to the 84th birthday a month… In his portfolio had a lot of serious, weighty roles, but they made him the idol of millions. It seems that no one — neither on stage nor on screen — did not speak with the same aplomb and as convincing famous phrase “I’ll Command the parade!”.

Sergei Yursky has an amazing, even for an actor — and even for a great actor’s gift of finding the unexpected domestic tragedy, even in a seemingly typical Comedy roles.

This skill has become rare in the profession; it is a sign not just of talent is a sign of true greatness. Now that the Jurassic is gone, it is difficult to imagine who can stand on a pedestal of fame of the Russian acting school. Sergei Yursky died in the early morning of 8 February 2019. “News” in this sad day and remember the great artist.

NewsBiography people’s artist of Russia Sergey Yursky

In his youth he wanted to become a lawyer — after graduating from high school with honors, was admitted without examination at the law faculty of Leningrad University. But I guess the destiny was meant to be different: passion for acting to the acting profession he inherited from his father. As an artistic last name: father, Yuri Zhikharev, took the nickname of the Jurassic before the revolution, participating in school performances — as a gentleman, he, on concepts of time were not quite appropriate to engage in histrionics under the generic name. The revolution swept away the prejudices, and the name Jurassic has become famous in the artistic community before the theatrical and cinematic triumphs of Sergei Yuryevich his father for many years led the Winter.

From his father he inherited and rare for the Soviet stage and life, however, is aristocracy; and in appearance and in demeanor, and the ability to find nobility in even seemingly very hopeless at this part of the character. Tartaglia in his “King-deer” (1969) based on a play by Carlo Gozzi transformed from a frankly farcical villain (Commedia Dell’arte of the eighteenth century were not focused on the most demanding audience) in a completely tragic anti-hero, dashing between an innate attraction to goodness and the forced acceptance of evil. Even stuttering tartally, an indispensable and irrevocable feature of character in the interpretation of the Jurassic transformed from one of the ways to achieve a comic effect in a sign of the fatal curse of fate (and drama) an evil Minister.

News“the Main thing is self-discipline” — the best quotes of Sergei Jurassic of the life

Got Jurassic and the role of the villains are not cartoonish — more precisely, he never tried to present them in the form in which they submitted the official propaganda. In the image of the fictional Dictator of the unjustly forgotten “the Fall of the Condor”, filmed in 1982 at the “Mosfilm”, a Chilean immigrant, is easy to recognize the real Augusto Pinochet — performed by Jurassic similarity even outside. But in the bloody Latin American tyrant, the actor managed to find something human, at the very bottom of his black soul — although it would seem, the era and the theme dictated the interpretation in the spirit of cartoons from the magazine “Crocodile”.

As he approached his last big screen work, the title role in “Comrade Stalin” (2011). His leader of the people — not the sedate, Grand Generalissimo of the tube, and talkative, tired old man sitting in a ridiculous jacket. Needless to say that many of this off — the Jurassic but never worked “for the public.” He worked — and lived — for the sake of art.

Played Jurassic openly negative characters, for obvious reasons, less loved by the audience than ironic tipster in the “Golden calf” or striking but charming village uncle uncle Mitya from the popular hit “Love and pigeons”. But just play on the nuances, the disclosure of the delicate balance in the human soul was the strongest side of the talent of the Jurassic. It is worth noting that even Ivan Gruzdev from “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, nervous intellectual, uncomfortable feeling in the cruel world of Zheglova and Humpback — performed by Jurassic appears type, to be honest, not the most pleasant. Here shown the amazing ability of the Jurassic to understand — and accept — the human soul in all its complexity. And this understanding gave such convincing words Gruzdev turned to Sharapova:

I’m sorry for being blunt, but a bad person your Zheglov. For him, people — garbage.Newsthe memory of the artist Sergey Yursky can perpetuate Moscow

For the Sergei Yurevich people never debris was not. Jurassic, a believer and a Church-going man (he was a member of the Board of Trustees of Holy Filaret Orthodox-Christian Institute), was able to forgive and never stopped before to stand up for “labour and are heavy Laden”. He did not seem to pay much attention to political nuances — he always was, by his own statement, infinitely distant from politics. But to refuse to ask the softening of fate (even, perhaps, those who mercy really did not deserve it) he just could not — just by his kindness and Christian feeling of mercy.

He shone on the screen and on the stage — his dark and Aesop from the performances Tovstonogov remember to this day.

His directorial work has often been revolutionary for the national theatre — can be called even “Moliere” in “the Cabal of hypocrites” Bulgakov (the Jurassic where he played a major role), though made in 1994 production of “the Chairs,” Ionesco, one of the first experiments on the transfer of the theatre of the absurd on the domestic scene.

He continued to work in the twenty-first century, despite the health problems and the General atmosphere in artistic environment, clearly pechalitsya Jurassic. “The art of lost pride: it tries to guess what you want those who pay the money who sits in the hall,” he said in his declining years, in a television interview. Now art has lost one of the last people who tried this is proud to save.