The Hubble spotted a new storm on Neptune

The Hubble spotted a new storm on Neptune

NASA released the first images of a powerful storm that has seized territory 11 kilometers in diameter in the Northern hemisphere of Neptune, as well as new images of the storm on Uranus.

On Neptune and Uranus the seasons — only they last, unlike earth, for decades. Storms and storm, regularly raging on these planets, scientists believe, just due to seasonal changes. Since 1993, the Hubble space telescope three times already recorded the Neptunian storms, and on the last pictures, taken in September and November 2018, found a new one. Also camera telescope made new pictures of a similar phenomenon in the Northern hemisphere of Uranus.

To the right of the dark spots of the storm you can see the bright bright clouds. Similar “Hubble” observed during previous storms. These clouds are formed due to the fact that the vortex drives the air flow in the upper layers of the atmosphere and at the height of the gas forms methane ice clouds.

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Hubble observations show that in 2016 the appearance of the vortex was preceded by increased cloud activity in the region. The vortices, according to the scientists, originate deep in the atmosphere of Neptune, becoming visible only when the upper part of the storm reaches the higher layers.

The vortices themselves rotate in the anticyclonic direction — clockwise, as the most powerful vortex in the Solar system, the Great Red Spot of Jupiter, and raise the matter with the deeper levels of the planet up.