Glamour of the brain. How much is it to portray a rich life in Instagram

Glamour of the brain. How much is it to portray a rich life in Instagram

Your friend just flew in from Rome, then went to Paris? Do not rush to envy, looking at her happy photos to Instagram. Maybe it’s a fake. Many people embellish their lives in social networks. Aify tells how they do it.

Luxury car, branded clothing, travel around the world and flights by private jet. The lives of some users of Instagram like a fairy tale, but in reality it is not. For the beautiful pictures hiding the gray days, where there are luxury cars and apartments with views of Red square, but there is a subway and a removable “odnushka” in Lublin. How these people manage to wishful thinking, says Aephi.

The only outfit in Cum

The easiest way to do pictures in the style of “life is good” is to acquire a package with logos of famous brands: Dior, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Prada, etc. Well, and, of course, do not forget about the beloved and dearly beloved cum. On “Avito” or “Julia” full of this stuff, is inexpensive, usually in 100, depending on size. I bought five pieces of “Prada 100% original, left after shopping in the UAE” and you have to do a photo shoot. And no matter what is in the packet itself empty or is your nightrobe for weight or two pounds of potatoes, because nobody will know about it and will be jealous.

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Last year was remembered to inhabitants of the capital a long queue to Tver for the new iPhone. People a few days was standing on the street in order to be among the first owners of the gadget. Many laughed at them, but in vain, because a funny thing started then.

NewsPeople-success: young people with iPhones became a star of social networks

On the day of the start of sales on the network the ad appeared, where enterprising sellers offered to rent or buy boxes for the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max! What? Posted a photo with a treasured box in Instagram, preferably with the hashtag #pterocolinae, #lubricity or any other vulgarity, and let everyone think how well you are in luck.

By the way, on the background of the iPhone box from him for significantly less cost. The most modest sellers asked for just 2000 rubles. But there will be friends and impudent that I could get such a “valuable accessory” 4000, and even 7000. But to make a photo with the pseudo-phone can be had for a nominal sum — 1000 roubles for ten minutes.

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“Not giving flowers? Doesn’t? Girlfriend bragging about? You have the opportunity to tickle nerves to your boyfriend or annoy friends” — about this masterpiece is can be seen in the profiles of the firms that offer girls to rent a bouquet of 101 roses.

It is from 700 to 1000. For this small money you give for 10 minutes in order for you to be able to photograph yourself in different angles with a huge armful of roses.

Oddly enough, these services are most in demand on 14 February and 8 March, because not everyone these days to give flowers, someone men are not around, what can we say about the bouquet. By the way, some vendors have gone even further and offered to take pictures with flowers and gifts (or rather empty boxes tied with nice ribbons) in expensive cars, for example BMW or Mercedes.

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The apotheosis of any ostentatious Instagram should be a photo from aboard a private plane. If not, all is lost, go away from the Internet. But how to make at least a few treasured staff, even when business class from Moscow to Yekaterinburg for a mere mortal — this is an unprecedented luxury?

News, “I’ve never seen such a horrible audience”

There is a solution and, by the way, is cheap — photoshoot aboard this private plane. The main objective of such an aircraft to take you from point A to point B, but to help to make spectacular photos, looking at which friends and subscribers will definitely die of envy.

All the fun is 14,000 rubles for two hours. Enough to make several images in various forms — and here you are going to do shopping in Milan and here in Dubai to warm up to the sun, and voila — you are the master of the world. For greater reliability it is possible even to record video, but then you have to shell out 25,000 rubles per 2 hours. By the way, this service is used not only ordinary people but also stars of the first echelon, of course.

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If you are Nastya Ivleva of the “eagle and Tails”, and the average citizen with a standard leave of 28 days, to post photos to Instagram from trips abroad every week will not be easy.

The news isNot just a selfie: the 8 most insane integramod stars

In such situations, help will come not only all kinds of photo editors, but a professional Studio has made photo on a green background (chroma key), gave it into the hands of a professional on handling and now you are not cold in Moscow, but in the hot UAE.

No Insta-star, got caught, but few who manage to surpass blogger Joanna Olsson, who became famous for his ridiculous photo shoot from Paris. On all pictures the girl’s body as if glued on top of the beautiful scenery. Interesting that Joanna initially denied that he used photoshop, and then confessed to the crime — say, Paris during the shooting day was too grey and ugly, I had to add color. So, such tricks have to be careful, otherwise ridicule and exposing articles with the title “the Girl boasted photos from the trip and disgraced” can not be avoided.

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