Maduro proposed to be held in Venezuela early parliamentary elections

Maduro proposed to be held in Venezuela early parliamentary elections

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, whom the United States and many other countries do not consider the legitimate head of state, proposed to hold the country’s early parliamentary elections to overcome the political crisis.

The next parliamentary elections should take place only in 2020. In the current Parliament majority is of the opposition; his spokesman Juan Guido January 23, was sworn in as acting President after the legislature had recognized Maduro’s illegitimate re-elected.

Speaking at a rally of supporters in Caracas, Maduro stated that it supported the statements made in the Constitutional Assembly of the country calls to hold early parliamentary elections. Unlike Parliament, the Constitutional Assembly dominated by supporters of the President.

USA, Canada and most of Latin America said that, I think, Guido, not Maduro, the legitimate leader of Venezuela to hold new, fair elections. Sunday expires and the deadline Maduro of the European Union to declare new presidential elections. Otherwise, the EU also promises to recognize Guido.

However, a number of other leading States, primarily Russia, Turkey and China, expressed support for Maduro.

Senior officers of the Venezuelan army also in the mass, continue to support Maduro, but on Sunday there was one exception: the air force General Francisco Esteban Yanes Rodriguez in a video posted on social media, announced the transition to the opposition. The official account of the air force Venezuela soon called him a traitor.