U.S. misinformed UAE about the dangerous situation with the Russian satellite

U.S. misinformed UAE about the dangerous situation with the Russian satellite

The United States introduced a United Arab Emirates misleading, reporting false information about the approaching Russian satellite to the apparatus YahSat-1B, the document says scientific Astro space center (ASC).

According to “RIA Novosti” with reference to these ants, the us military handed over in Abu Dhabi information about the alleged threat the convergence of the satellite YahSat-1B with the device “Luch” in may 2018. According to the United States, they had to fly next to each other at a distance of 140 m to 9.65 km.

“The Russian foreign Ministry and the state Corporation “Roscosmos”… were forced to respond to requests from the UAE, who viewed the situation as dangerous and probably created deliberately by the Russian side”, — explained in ants.

Despite assurances from Moscow in the absence of threats, the UAE has performed an evasive maneuver their satellites from any possible collision. In fact, according to the Russian automated system alerts about dangerous situations in near-earth space (ASPOS GST), these devices are never close to each other at a distance less than 40 km.

On January 27 Russia recorded maneuvers submutica, separated from the military spacecraft of the United States. A day earlier, Russian media tracking recorded mass movement of American military GSSAP satellites in geostationary orbit.

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