Donald trump sent a “naive” American special services in school

Donald trump sent a “naive” American special services in school

And in return learned of his “intellectual bankruptcy”.

The US President Donald trump called U.S. intelligence agencies naive in the assessment of global threats to the United States. According to Mr. trump, intelligence agencies dropped out of school, so they should go back there. Several prominent U.S. congressmen from both parties and former head of the CIA, noted that the President is “dangerous habit to discredit the security services in the name of his alternate reality”.

The reason for a new conflict between the US President and secret services was published on Tuesday, an annual report on global threats to the United States prepared by the office of the Director of National intelligence (DNI) and the intelligence community of the United States. As it turned out, almost all the main findings of that report were completely contrary to almost all the statements of the President on foreign policy and a number of other problems.

According to the report global threat from the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG; banned in Russia) there are still thousands of fighters in Syria and Iraq. And Donald trump back in mid-December stated that the IG defeated the United States begin withdrawing its forces from Syria.

The withdrawal of US troops from Сирии16, anuraadha: the attack in Manuge died 27 человек15, anuraadha approved the withdrawal of American troops from Сирии14 navaratnam announced the beginning of withdrawal of troops from Syria and threatened Turkey

The report further States that North Korea “is unlikely to abandon all their (the nuclear.— “B”) stocks, delivery systems and production potential”. And Donald trump after the June meeting with Kim Jong-UN said that they agreed on the denuclearization of the DPRK, cementing the agreement with a handshake.

Sudden world the United States and North Кореи30 anvaripour Russia: Russia has offered the DPRK to build a nuclear power plant in exchange for renunciation of nuclear оружия30 январяWP announced the proposal of Russia to build a nuclear power plant in North Корее14 enviracaire Korea suspected in the creation of new nuclear bombs

Against Iran, the authors of the report note that it “is not currently engaged in the development of nuclear weapons necessary for the production thereof”, and due to the fact that Iran comply with the terms of the nuclear agreement with the US signed by Barack Obama, “the time required for Iran to produce a sufficient amount of nuclear fuel for nuclear weapons, is now increased by approximately one year.” And Donald trump in may last year led the United States out of the nuclear deal with Iran, and imposed new sanctions, accusing him of enriching uranium and developing nuclear weapons.

The DNI report also indicates a potential threat to the US presidential election of 2020 on the part of Russia, which can tamper with them via social media using the “social and racial problems, undermining the credibility of the authorities and criticizing politicians, the anti-Russian”. But President trump never personally supported the accusations of meddling in the presidential election in 2016, which U.S. intelligence agencies are critical of Russia.

Russiagate31 JanuarySeptember the United States, Mueller declined to disclose evidence in the case Пригожина25 yanvareva Florida have detained a former adviser to trump Roger Стоуна25, alvarex-trump adviser Roger stone was detained in Florida

Disagreed the US President and us intelligence agencies even in question, far from foreign policy. As the authors of the report, “environmental degradation and climate change” are a serious problem for U.S. security, since the ability to cause “disputes over natural resources, economic difficulties and social discontent in 2019 and beyond.” Donald trump regularly called global warming a hoax.

He announced U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement and turned a number of environmental initiatives of its predecessor.

The leading experts of the US intelligence community in the report did not convince the President.

After reviewing the findings of the report, Donald trump commented on them in his characteristic manner. “U.S. relations with North Korea is now better than ever. Any test, get the remains (two American servicemen participating in the Korean war.— “Kommersant”), we return the hostages. There is a serious likelihood of denuclearization. Time will tell what will happen with North Korea, but at the end of the previous administration, the relations between the two countries was terrible and that could have caused a serious trouble. And now quite another matter,” wrote Mr. trump.

And the conclusions in the report on Iran and even angered the President, so the choice of words he already didn’t care. “The security services are extremely passive and naive in assessing threats from Iran. They made a mistake.” — he said and added that right now the only thing holding back Iran, is the collapse of the economy.

Probably, the intelligence services need to go back to school and complete their education.Donald Trepresent USA

On the side of the intelligence community arose many of the congressmen, and both Democrats and Republicans.

Senator mark Warner, Democrat from Virginia, said on Twitter: “the President dangerous habit to discredit intelligence in favor of his alternate reality. People are risking their lives, getting this intelligence, and he takes and flings them in his Twitter”.

The democratic majority leader in the house of representatives Steni Hoyer in an interview with the Hill TV said that the President “denies the obvious in almost all sensitive issues of national security.”

“It is sad. It’s bad for the country and for our allies, because they think they can’t rely on us, and it is dangerous for them and for us,” he said.

The head of the intelligence Committee of the house of representatives Democrat Adam Schiff paid tribute to the security services, who “continue to provide impartial and accurate analysis of the threats we face”. “And the real danger lies in the fact that the White house doesn’t listen to this”, he added.

Home “whip” Republicans in the Senate, John Thune in an interview with CNN expressed the opinion that the President ought not to speak in Twitter, especially on “these important issues of national security.”