Weird national costumes

Weird national costumes

Why the Greeks in battle needed the POM-poms on the shoes that were borrowed by the British from the French in the battle of Waterloo and as a hat became the basis of caste. Tell stories of the origin of the bright parts of the national images.

Bolivia: the bowler hat as a sign of caste

A full, layered skirt, knitted Cape and hat in the style of Charlie Chaplin — so dress up Bolivian cholita. No “cake” with a necklace and feathers weighs more harness on the head. Bolivian girl. modest.

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Calitati traditionally called women “inferior caste,” the Indian women of the tribes, the Quechua and Aymara living in the territory of Bolivia and Peru. They could only rely on low-paid jobs, were not allowed to visit the restaurants and take taxis.

The situation changed when in 2006 the presidency took Evo Morales — the first since the Spanish colonization, the representative of the indigenous Indian population, Aymar. Now cality visit any vending place for them and move on comfortable transport, develop a model catwalks, become journalists and TV hosts. But the bowlers loved them back in the 1920-ies remain faithful.

According to the established legend, the hat was then brought from Italy for the workers, but whether the men were small, or just didn’t fit.

Savvy merchant immediately launched an advertising campaign: pot turns out to be possessed magical properties — increases fertility. Party entry was purchased by the Bolivian women and girls.UK: hats as a way to demoralize the enemy

High shaggy hat of the bear century, and now adorn the head of the Royal guard of the Kingdom, but only during parades and military honor guard. Championship wearing these hats belongs to the French grenadiers. The accessory was regarded as one means to demoralize the enemy — hat due to its sheer size led to the increase and so rather big warriors. It had a practical importance: often, bullets that are sent to the head, fell into the empty space of the cap.

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The British issued this peculiar trophy of victorious for them the battle of Waterloo — with Napoleon’s army in 1815.

Hats of the Royal guard in English called bearskin and really are sewn from the skins of the North American black bear. The officers they of the more spectacular fur male ordinary female grizzly. Despite the fact that hats are often passed down and serve almost one hundred years, is required annually 50 — 100 new hats. Listening to the outrage of animal rights activists, the Ministry of defence is trying to find guards form a synthetic alternative, but so far, according to the Ministry, the synthetic fur is not competitive — gets wet, fades, jumps, and quickly loses its shape. Therefore, the brave guardsmen of Her Majesty continue in any time of the year to bathe in its luxurious headgear — 45.7 cm in height and 3 kg of weight.