User asked for advice about which he did not ask

User asked for advice about which he did not ask

Advisers were abound.

On the Internet absolutely all are experts in various fields. It often happens that all these people love to give all the advice that nobody asked for. But not this time.

On the happiness of the Internet”experts” in the Russian-speaking Twitter announced a young man who asked for unsolicited advice.

Please give me advice I didn’t ask
Is the Internet love, I heard

— Anatoly nogotochki? (@A_Kapustin) January 30, 2019

And advisers there very much.

get baby clock is ticking!

— Urbanistica (@ktvsiy) January 30, 2019

hat wear

— Volodya (@volodya_gusakov) January 30, 2019

They should hurry up with the mortgage. How old are you, 25? Soon the stakes even more bounce, should be taken while there is still the old interest, then say thank you. And, it is young families reduced rate, so think (well, not like human beings nenapisannye to live).

— light (@svetlozavr) January 30, 2019

Eat more of these spicy breaded chicken wings but do drink Cola

— Nick (@nikki_tiki_tavi) January 30, 2019

Well, you books, start reading, and then asking for tips will not

Roman Ander (@rmnstrh) January 30, 2019

You ought to get married

— Shadow the one that never sleeps (@Insomni54630740) January 31, 2019

Find a normal job!

Your friend Victor (@TramwayOdnerka) January 30, 2019

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