In the offset Maduro found plus for Russia

In the offset Maduro found plus for Russia

Russia will remain in the black in the case of eventual removal from office acting President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro. This was stated by the leader of the opposition and the speaker of Parliament Joan Guido, declared himself interim head of state, in an interview with ARD, Tagesschau writes.


He admitted that his “appointment” the President agreed with the us government, and that the United States is its chief supporter. At the same time, Guide sure can attract Russia and China.

They have very close economic ties with Venezuela, and they know very well that Maduro is not protecting anybody. He doesn’t even care about our economy.

The opposition leader stressed that the forecast of inflation in Venezuela in 2019 will be two million percent.

According to him, in such a situation for Chinese and Russian investors, the new government in the country — better development of the situation. “The creation [of the atmosphere] trust, legal certainty and stability preserves investments”, — he explained.

Guido also expressed confidence that the military will soon move to the side of the opposition, that will allow for a peaceful transfer of power. Previously, he has accused Maduro of failing to protect the interests of foreign investors, in particular, Russian and Chinese.

January 21, in Venezuela, mass protests began. January 23, their background, Guido declared himself interim head of state and called on Maduro to resign. It was supported by the United States, Canada, several Latin American countries, Israel, Australia. At the same time, and with it, Belarus, Turkey and several other States supported the legitimacy of the incumbent. In China, said the continued cooperation and non-interference in the internal Affairs of the country.