Venezuela accused the military attache in the United States of treason

Venezuela accused the military attache in the United States of treason

The defense Ministry of Venezuela accused the military attaché of the Embassy of the country in the United States of treason. So in the defense Ministry described the statement of Jose Luis Silva on the recognition of the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan, Guido President.

On page office on Twitter for the word military attache called “an act of treason and cowardice against the Fatherland, inherited from Simon Bolivar”. The post Silva’s mentioned in the past tense, writes “the”.

“Therefore, we reject these statements from Jose Luis Silva, held the post of military attaché in the United States,” said January 27, the Ministry of defense of Venezuela. On the eve of the military attaché of the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, Colonel josé Luis Silva, declared the leader of the opposition, Juan Guido President.

January 23, speaker of the Parliament of Venezuela Juan Guido declared himself interim President. He was immediately supported by the United States, Canada, Brazil and several other countries.

Support for the current leader of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro expressed Russia, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Belarus and others. On Saturday at a meeting of the UN security Council, the EU put forward conditions to Caracas and threatened to admit, Guido President in case of their failure.

Moscow described the situation in Venezuela, quasi-coup with the participation of foreign countries.

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