The work of Banksy was abducted with the front door

The work of Banksy was abducted with the front door

Who could be behind the crime.

In Paris, stole the work of Banksy. The most mysterious contemporary artist made a sketch last year in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack at the Bataclan concert hall. This graffiti: Banksy painted it on the door of the rear exit of the hall, where in 2015, the year terrorists took hostages. The work of the artist deliberately left free on the street, only in this form it makes sense, it is written on the page in Facebook the concert hall. Agence France-Presse, citing its sources reported that a door with graffiti stole a group of people in hoods, who have had a “grinder”. Then the thieves put the work into the truck. They got on surveillance cameras, police opened a criminal case.

A Banksy has been stolen from Paris’ Bataclan Theatre:

— Dazed (@Dazed) 27 Jan 2019.

What is this graffiti? And who would steal it? These questions answered the art-observer “Kommersant FM” Dmitry Butkevich: “the Price of this figure is unknown, because the open market, this work can not leave. After all, there is the organization of the Art Loss Register, which records the loss of all the works of art Museum level. Any official sale is in the store, at auction if the owners checked with the database of The Art Loss Register. To offer such work for sale to determine the price is also impossible.

We can say that the offence was committed on a tip, was made some order — people knew they were stealing.

Banksy — the artist is quite popular and infamous. We can assume that some kind of a villain so I decided to get the work of Banksy to your collection, put the door at home and would to enjoy it. Of course, it is the version that the performance of the artist. After all, you may recall that last year he destroyed his work immediately after it was sold at auction for €1.1 million But I think in this case it is not exactly art-action: well, I stole the door and stole. In fact, many works by Banksy have been stolen at different times.

Most likely, the work of Banksy stole his particularly enthusiastic fans to resell on the open market this graffiti will be impossible, says the art expert Mikhail Kamensky: “Banksy has taken such a place in the Pantheon of contemporary culture, which involves a large number of fans and admirers, not necessarily associated with selfish reflexes in relation to his works. He became a cult hero, and his works are objects of worship. It is possible to assume that the loss associated with the behavior of his fans who, after seeing the free access to such a facility, decided to privatize it. They just stole for personal use, without the prospect of future sales.

On the open market to exhibit such an object would be impossible — she immediately recognized.

There is no such sane collector of modern art or other fan of Banksy, who would buy this artist is a socially oriented, democratic, open, liberal, — for personal use so that she not tell anyone and not to show the work itself.

The terrorist attacks in Paris, which is dedicated to Banksy graffiti, occurred in November of 2015. Killing more than a hundred people, 350 were injured. In addition to the Bataclan concert hall, the terrorists attacked several cafes, as well as staged explosions near the Stade de France during a soccer match. Responsibility for the attacks was assumed banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state”.