The details of the theft of paintings from the Tretyakov gallery

The details of the theft of paintings from the Tretyakov gallery

The protection of the paintings in the Tretyakov gallery are employees of the security service of the Museum said “the” Advisor to the Director of Regardie Valery Gribakin.

“Safety issues in the Tretyakov gallery is split. Our employees provide protection of the external perimeter of the building and inspection of all incoming — to prevent the bringing into the building any dangerous items. The safety of the paintings and the control of the inside rooms in our area of responsibility does not come”, — he said.

According to the official representative of the Ministry, all in the Tretyakov gallery are 11 posts of Regardie, including the corps of engineers is one.

Source “” said that the exposure-control and monitor the behavior of visitors, that is, everything that happens inside the rear of the Tretyakov gallery’s responsibility for the security of the Museum complex.

They are also responsible for monitoring and for checking out leaving the building guests and staff.

Another law enforcement source said that security footage obtained portrait of the kidnapper. This young man 25-30 years old, of Slavic appearance, tall, with light brown medium length hair. Was dressed in blue jeans and a dark blue turtleneck. At themselves it was a plastic bag.

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In the Russian interior Ministry officially confirmed the fact of theft. “The police asked the staff of one of the museums in the capital stating that, in implementing the surveillance of exposure they saw, how unknown persons have removed from the wall of one of the rooms the painting and disappeared. Found that stolen work of Arkhip Kuindzhi “AI-Petri. Crimea”,” reported “to the” the official representative of Department Irina Wolf.

Culture Ministry also confirmed the incident. “At the moment, confirms the absence of work “AI-Petri” and the presence in the Tretyakov gallery a large number of police,” — told “Interfax” Ministry spokesman Vladislav Kononov on Sunday.