Pompeo called on all countries to “choose their side” in the Venezuelan conflict

Pompeo called on all countries to “choose their side” in the Venezuelan conflict

Before Britain joined the ultimatum to hold new elections in Venezuela.

The head of US state Department Michael Pompeo said that the international community should “choose their side” in the Venezuelan situation. In his opinion, all countries should stand up on either side of the “forces of freedom” and support the head of the opposition Guido Juan, or join the “forces of chaos of Nicolas Maduro”. The head of the British foreign Minister Jeremy hunt previously said that London has acceded to the ultimatum, which had nominated Maduro France, Germany and Spain, and that the Venezuelan President should announce the holding of new presidential elections within the next eight days.

In connection with the growing political conflict in Venezuela convened an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

“It’s time to support the Venezuelan people, to recognize the new democratic government, headed by interim President [Juan] Guido and end this nightmare It’s time for other countries to choose sides — no more delays, no more games. Either you are with the forces of freedom, either you are in Alliance with the [Venezuelan President Nicolas] Maduro and his chaos” — leads TASS fragment Pompeo speech at the opening session.

The head of state reminded that the Board Maduro has led Venezuela to a serious economic crisis in which the country “was left without food and humanitarian aid.”

We can’t delay this critical discussion, which attracts the attention of the world, for the sake of Venezuela and the region. We must support the Venezuelan people.Michael Paniagua the US Department of state

Previously London acceded to the ultimatum, who is the head of Venezuela Paris, Berlin and Madrid. “After a ban on opposition candidates to participate in elections, fake votes, and multiple violations in the course of deeply flawed elections, Nicolas Maduro may not be the legitimate leader of Venezuela. Juan Guido — the man who will lead Venezuela forward. If within 8 days will not be announced as a new fair election, the UK will support Guide as interim President of Venezuela, so he could start a political shift to democracy. The time has come for a new dawn to the suffering people of Venezuela,” said hunt.

The second part of the statement of the hunt are identical to those requirements which were put forward earlier, the President of France Emmanuel macron, the representative of the Cabinet of Germany Martin Fitz and the Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez.

The Russian foreign Ministry said that the almost simultaneous deployment of these statements and the same text is not accidental, and called on other countries to stop interference in the internal Affairs of Venezuela.

January 11 the speaker of the National Assembly of Venezuela Juan Guido said that he could become acting President of the Republic in accordance with the Constitution of the country. The day before, Nicolas Maduro took office as President after the election ended, the results of which, however, did not recognized the national Assembly. After that, the country started the riots and mass protests.

The Supreme court of Venezuela, January 21, declared the Parliament illegitimate authority. January 23, at a rally in Caracas, Guido declared himself acting President of the country is Nicolas Maduro, and took the oath. After that, the President of the United States Donald trump is recognized Guido interim head of Venezuela. Maduro has accused Washington in the coup attempt and announced the severance of diplomatic relations with the United States.