Awkward bride kidnapping in the Caucasus was shot on video

Awkward bride kidnapping in the Caucasus was shot on video

In Vladikavkaz, the man during the traditional kidnapping of the bride fell twice with her. A video of his failure, published in social networks, drew the attention of NTV, in his Telegram channel.

The footage shows how a young man throws a girl a burka, grabs her and tries to convey to the machine, but falls directly on her feet first on the stairs, and then before you open the car door.

Behind the scenes you can hear the disappointed voice of witnesses to the abduction, one of whom asks it not to.

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Commentators on YouTube vyyasnyali the hapless kidnapper. “The poor girl. When the circus is over, crippled man,” sincerely sympathized with some. “It must be very strongly want to get married to after this stay. Twice dropped and did not even ask what condition it’s in, dragged on. Guys, do not disgrace, you just don’t know how to steal, and even removed”, — noticed mocking others.

The tradition to kidnap the bride was revived in the North Caucasus in the early 90-ies of the last century. With it comes a serious struggle: in any received by the police statement to prosecute. Thus, on 14 December 2018 in Ingushetia, according to the statement of the brother of the abducted girls had been detained 23-the summer young man. In September 2016 in Pyatigorsk have detained 25-year-old man who kidnapped 16-year-old girl. In all cases, a criminal case was initiated under article “kidnapping” which provides till 15 years of imprisonment.