The military did not support the coup in Venezuela

The military did not support the coup in Venezuela

On the side of Nicolas Maduro stood also Russia and China.


The development of the political crisis in Venezuela has become even more uncertain, and the dual power situation in the country remains. Minister of defense Vladimir Padrino lópez announced that the army remains loyal to the current government headed by Nicolas Maduro. Yesterday removed himself from power, the President said that his opponent, the head of the National Assembly Juan Guido, — “US puppet” who “want to rule Venezuela from Washington.” China called on all parties to show restraint, representatives of Russia has supported Nicolas Maduro.

“We’ve had enough of the intrusion, we have dignity, damn it, — has declared Nicolas Maduro in his speech.— There are people here who want to defend this land!” 35-year-old Juan, Guido, who heads the opposition-controlled Parliament, he called a puppet of Washington. Mr. Guido, yesterday declared himself acting President of the country, answering the calls of thousands of protest rallies. They continue to at least January 10, when the second presidential term was taken up by the heir to Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro. Election, which he won, are not recognized by any Western country and the Venezuelan opposition.

The President of the United States Donald trump yesterday first found the Huang Guido acting head of Venezuela, and later his example was followed by Canada, Australia and several countries in Latin America. Nicolas Maduro severed diplomatic relations with the United States, but Secretary of state Mike Pompeo stated that he had no authority to do so. “The US maintains diplomatic relations with Venezuela and will build through the government of the provisional President of Guido”, — quotes Reuters the words of Mr. Pompeo.— US does not recognize the Maduro regime and its decisions. He also threatened “serious consequences” if the army or the police, under the control of Nicolas Maduro, will hurt employees of the diplomatic mission of the United States.

According to the Venezuelan human rights organizations, at this point in the clashes of protesters with police and the army were killed and 13 were arrested 218 people.

In addition to the illegitimate elections they are protesting against the failed economic policies of the current government, which resulted in the impoverishment of the once one of the richest countries in Latin America, annual inflation reaching 1 million percent a year and the Exodus of 4 million people in neighboring States.

Foreign Minister of China, one of the main creditors of Caracas, called on all parties to show restraint and opposition to “any attempts of external interference”. “We are closely monitoring the situation in Venezuela, stated at the briefing the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Hua Chunying.— We hope that all relevant parties will act rationally and keep calm. Encourage them to find a political settlement through peaceful dialogue within the framework of the Constitution.”