Lawyer trump refused words about the negotiations on the Trump Tower in Moscow

Lawyer trump refused words about the negotiations on the Trump Tower in Moscow

WASHINGTON, 22 Jan — RIA Novosti. The lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani on Monday night, actually declined from what he said earlier words about the time during which his client discussed the project for construction in Moscow “of trump tower” (Trump Tower).

“My comments do not reflect the actual terms or circumstances of any such discussions. The fact that the proposal was at a very early stage and did not go beyond the free (legally) optional letter of intent,” said Giuliani, quoted by the publication Politico.

The lawyer stated that negotiations on the construction “of trump tower” in Moscow could go down to the autumn of 2016, nearly up to the election trump President of the United States in November of the same year.

The question of how long did the negotiations on the construction of the skyscraper, which was not launched, important to the US media for various reasons.

Democrats see this as evidence of “collusion trump of Russia”, which is refuted in the Kremlin and in the White house.

In addition, later convicted for financial abuse by ex-trump lawyer Michael Cohen said in testimony to Congress that the negotiations ended in January 2016. Based on this, the portal BuzzFeed wrote this week that trump allegedly told Cohen of lying to Congress about the timing of talks, to hide their “Russian connection”.

The portal referred to the findings of the investigation Robert Mueller — spectacular who is looking for a “Russian connection” trump. However, Mueller BuzzFeed article denied. Trump also denied the assumptions of the portal and says that Cohen is building on it a slander to reduce your sentence for financial irregularities.