A simple cross quarreled Network users

A simple cross quarreled Network users

It turned out, there are numerous ways to draw it.

A Twitter user under the nickname Sixers smasey opened Pandora’s box, posting a picture with nine different options of how you can draw a regular dagger. The girl said that 7 and 8 the methods usually chosen by the Americans, at that time, as 5 and 6 draw residents of the UK. About the other countries she did not specify, but it was not necessary.

Also this is so interesting to me – which way do you draw an X? Colored line being the first stroke pic.twitter.com/a0WTl8WT7P

— sixers smasey (@SMASEY) 20 Jan 2019

I wonder how you draw X? Color lines is what you draw first.

General consensus is that Americans do 7 & 8 while UK does 5 & 6. Probably how we were taught. Not sure about other countries

— sixers smasey (@SMASEY) 20 Jan 2019

According to statistics, Americans draw 7 and 8, while in the UK 5 and 6. Probably because we have been taught. Not sure about other countries.

In the comments users have started to share their results and found that almost all the ways are equally common. Eventually people began to argue, proving the benefits of specific options. But as a cross draw you?

7 is the only way

— messy old asian (@tribranchvo) 20 Jan 2019

Seven is the only possible option.

I’m a 2 should I got to the hospital

— Emily Andras (@emtothea) January 21, 2019

If I’m doing option 2, do I have to go to the hospital?

Yep, I’m totally a sixer. Couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

— ? Roto-N ? (@nataliereed84) 20 Jan 2019

I absolutely 6. I do not understand how you can draw the cross as something different.

#Team5 the only correct way!

— Rupert Teapot (@RTeapot) 20 Jan 2019

Option 5 is the only true one.

8. Obviously. The rest of you are all deviant freaks.

— Helen Kennedy (@HelenKennedy) 20 Jan 2019

Definitely 8. Everyone else here is crazy.

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