The Vatican has launched a mobile app for prayer

The Vatican has launched a mobile app for prayer

Pope Francis January 20 introduced a special site for prayers of “Click and pray”. On this resource you can also download the app for your mobile phone. To launch the project, the Pontiff said during a Sunday sermon.

During the presentation of the application the Pope noted that “to serve the Lord means to listen to and practice His word.” “This is a simple tip virgin Mary, is a program of Christian life”, he added. The Pontiff also called on all to download the new app and to pray together for peace and prosperity.

The site has several sections, “Pray with the Pope (“before prayer, you can listen to the admonition of the Pope), “Pray every day” and “Pray together.” In the latter, each user can create a profile and ask the community to pray about anything together. Everyone can see how many believers were added to the request.

The title page contains a small message to users: “At the end of the day I ask myself a few questions. How many times have I heard your voice calling me, Lord? How many times have I heard it? How many times have I answered with enthusiasm and devotion?”.

At the end of this page is a special counter that notes how many people per day can click on the “click to pray”. At the time of publication of the material on the site “already prayed” 1106 people.

The website is available in six languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. The app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS systems.