“Let you lie down!” The remains of red army WWII three years stored in the garage

“Let you lie down!” The remains of red army WWII three years stored in the garage

The remains were found of a red army soldier Rudakov three years stored in the garage. Between search engines, and officials disagreement about the place of burial of a marine who died liberating Taganrog in 1942.

Correspondent Aify find out why marine, heroically fallen 76 years ago at the height of the farm Kopani, can not find his last earthly shelter.

The last battle marine Rudakova

Search engine Gennady Calogirou comes out of the garage bag with the inscription “47 token 25.12.15”. In a plastic bag are the remains of the soldier and his belongings next to him — a gas mask box for cartridges, the key to the rifle for disassembly and lubricating the arms, the buttons with the star from his tunic. The text on the bag means that a soldier found the 47-th edition of 25 Dec 2015.

Large burial of the Soviet seamen of the 102nd brigade of Marines searchers have found three years ago Kopani village Neklinovsky district of Rostov region. Height is called Salty. The bodies were hastily covered with earth.

“The fight supposedly happened on March 26-28, 1942, — says the head of the search traffic in Taganrog Igor Tretyakov. — About this bloody battle at the height of the Salt story does. These days, the Soviet Army attempted to liberate the Taganrog by the Germans. Here on the line “Mius-front” the fierce battle. The sailors went on the attack, they were light, covered with ammo, grenades of 15 pieces each, rifles strapped bayonets”.

In favor of the version of the occurrence is the fact that around the dead were not cartridges, that is, they do not have time to harden on top. The company conducted forward three officers is determined by the parts of binoculars from them.

The enemy was well prepared for an attack and returned fire. The soldiers took cover and began to dig in briefly, but they were covered with mortar fire of the Nazis.

Sector altitude, the Germans were well sighted, so Rudakova mine got exactly the feet. The marine was killed instantly. After the battle he and his comrades, and left lying in their earthen cells. Dead taken, and covered with earth did the Germans or civilians.

“Just dug up 47 people. Found 4 counters, the contents of which was able to read and accurately find the names, — said Igor Tretyakov. Tokens revealed and recognized police expert Bureau in the city of Taganrog. Thanks to them the names of heroes.”

“He’s like my grandfather!”

Three soldiers appeared from the Krasnodar territory, two of them are buried at the place of the call to war. This is Basil evstafievich Verevkin (Ust-Labinsk district), Khrison M. Mezhevikin (Kropotkinskaya area). For delivery of the remains to the place of burial in the neighbouring region, Neklinovskiy district administration has allocated a bus.

On the tomb of Basil Verevkina in Ust-Labinsk, was attended by the entrepreneur, who in the war of the missing grandfather. The man decided for the money to erect a monument Verevkina. “Let it be to me as my own grandfather, and my son — like his own great-grandfather,” said a local resident.