The most popular physical exercise was dangerous

The most popular physical exercise was dangerous

One of the most popular exercise — twisting — it turned out travmoopasno than others. More than a third of the people who “crunches”, get to the hospital. To such conclusion the doctors and researchers, the data analysis leads the Daily Mail.

It is noted that the twisting can lead to serious injuries that patients generally for some time may lose the ability to move.

It is mainly on injuries of the spine in the lumbar region: intense and too tight muscles can pull your lower back forward, and the pelvis at the same time to turn back, which causes injury and is quite painful.

Doctors advise to replace the twisting on the bar, which also helps to bring the abdominal muscles into shape. With this exercise, the spine is in a natural position, and it is, according to them, the more effective. Already entered the U.S. army in 2015 there refused to twisting and moved to a more secure strap.

For those who still want to “rock press”, doctors recommend to use an exercise ball — it can reduce the risk of injury.