The French protesters broke into the jail

The French protesters broke into the jail

Protesting against the increase in fuel prices, “yellow jackets” broke into a prison in the city of Dijon in Eastern France. It is reported channel BFMTV.

Fifty people came into the prison through the main entrance, then demanded the release of “his comrades”, sentenced to prison for using violence against law enforcement. After a while the protesters spontaneously left the room.

It is noted that the rally, held on Saturday, January 19, was the tenth on account of the demonstration from the beginning of the protests. On the streets of the French cities came out around 84 thousand people. During the rally, protesters commemorated the ten victims during the demonstrations of the “yellow jackets.” In Paris were detained 42 people.

Earlier it was reported that the “yellow jackets” staged a demonstration, during which they beheaded the effigy of Macron. The action was attended by over 90 people who made a “judgment” of the leader of the country, and then beheaded him. A week later he was arrested three suspects.

The riots in France are continuing since mid-November. The discontent of inhabitants of the country brought news of the tax increase on gasoline. 4 Dec Prime Minister édouard Philippe stated that the tariff increase introduced a moratorium, but unrest continued. Later began mass arrests of protesters. 10 Dec macron announced on emergency economic and social situation in the country and announced economic measures.