The dead pilots of the su-34 became entangled in parachute

The dead pilots of the su-34 became entangled in parachute

The bodies of two pilots who died after an incident with two fighter-bombers su-34 in the sky over the sea of Japan, was entangled in the parts of the parachute system. On this edition of told 47news in the emergency services of the Sakhalin region.

The planes collided in the afternoon local time, control over them was lost. The crews of two su-34 (only four people) ejected and fell into the icy water in the Tatar Strait, and soon there was zapelengovali signal emergency beacon. In the area where, presumably, were pilots first went fishing trawlers.

One military — according to 47news, this pilot was quickly rescued and evacuated by army helicopter. The search for other crew members who continued to be in the icy water, was delayed, and only at night, the fishermen of the vessel Elektron spotted a life raft with one pilot. It is alleged that his body was connected by a tether, a parachute is fastened, and on his head was a helmet. It is reported that this major named Alex.

Then the sailors from the same trawler found another raft with the body of another pilot, which was entangled in a parachute and slings. It also took a helicopter. Later Elektron found a third life raft, but the body wasn’t on it. Other vessels found in the waters of a bag with supplies and two fragments of the crashed aircraft.

The search for the fourth pilot continued on the morning of January 19. By the time for surgery has joined the forces of the Navy, and the help of the trawlers refused.

The Russian defense Ministry this information has not commented. About the discovery of the bodies of the two dead pilots, the military reported without details.

Two su-34, as passed TASS, touched each other during a training flight on 18 January over the Japan sea 35 kilometers from the shore. Causes of accident will be established by the special Commission, its review was organized by the military Prosecutor’s office. According to sources, the incident occurred due to pilot error.

Fighter-bombers su-34 took part in anti-terrorist operations in Syria. On one of these machines in 2009 flew the then President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.