In Tokyo found graffiti that resembles the work of Banksy

In Tokyo found graffiti that resembles the work of Banksy

The Tokyo authorities are exploring whether the authorship of one of the graffiti that found in the Japanese capital, belong to British street artist Banksy. On 18 January, the newspaper the Japan Times.

The image of a rat with an umbrella found on the door near the train station, Hinode in the center of Tokyo. The drawing is made with the help of spray and resembles a series of other works with rats British artist.

あのバンクシーの作品かもしれないカワイイねずみの絵が都内にありました! 東京への贈り物かも? カバンを持っているようです。

— 小池百合子 (@ecoyuri) January 17, 2019

The Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike published a photo with a picture in his Twitter account. “In Tokyo I found a picture of a cute rat, which was able to draw Banksy! It’s a gift for Tokyo?”, — signed it.

The door where you found the rat, found to reduce the risk of the station flooding during high tides. However, in order not to damage the figure, on the evening of 16 January, the door was removed and placed in storage.

The publication notes that users of social networks posted pictures similar picture a few years ago. But the authorities found out that the authorship could belong to Banksy just now when they asked locals.

Banksy is the pseudonym of an anonymous English street-art artist and activist. It is known for a series of graffiti on ostrosotsialnye topic. In 2013 his work “Slave labor” with the image of the barefoot boy has sold at auction for $1.1 million

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