“Batman Prime Ministers”. Network joke on the speech of the British politician

“Batman Prime Ministers”. Network joke on the speech of the British politician

All because of a mistake in the subtitles.

On the eve of environment Minister of Britain Michael Gove in his speech in Parliament criticized the leader of the labour party Jeremy Corbyn, and said that in any case he cannot be allowed to be Prime Minister.

But usually it turned into a lot of jokes in social networks.

And all because during the live broadcast of the speeches by bi-Bi-si in subtitles on the screen instead of “that man” (“this man”) show “Batman” (“Batman”).

Brexit shambles? In our darkest hour, we need the Dark Knight… #BatmanforPM pic.twitter.com/4fuaxLIDdz

— Nohman Shah (@NohmanShah) 16 Jan 2019.

Skirmish on bracito? In the darkest hour we need a Dark knight.

Of course, such a mistake could not go unnoticed, and after a few hours Twitter has a new hashtag #BatmanForPM (“Batman Prime Ministers”).

Social network users post screenshots of the screens with incorrect subtitles and wrote that only Batman on such an important job can save the country.

I must say I disagree with Gove on this one.#BatmanForPM? pic.twitter.com/k4KncRYBlq

— Jack Hickey (@Jack2Hickey) 16 Jan 2019.

I have to admit that I don’t agree with Gowon in this matter.

My position is clear. I want #BatmanForPM. And I fully intend on running this vote again and again until I get the result I want. Because that’s how democracy works isn’t it?

— Scott Andrews (@ScottFutile) 17 Jan 2019

My position is clear. I want to see Batman as Prime Minister. And I am ready to vote again and again until you get the desired result. Because that’s how democracy works, isn’t it?

What’s he talking about?! I’d totally support Batman in becoming Prime Minister! #BatmanForPM https://t.co/hboJYMJhpJ

— Danny (@DannyJBrown37) 17 Jan 2019

What is he talking about? I fully support the candidacy of Batman for the post of Prime Minister.

#BatmanForPM who said the country won’t allow me to be PM ?? pic.twitter.com/B1InMVnSMe

— Shereen (@Sheryn73) 17 Jan 2019

Who said that the country does not want to see me, Prime Minister?

So do I! Michael Gove doesn’t know what the people want! #BatmanForPM

— Suzanne Gilmour (@SuzyMcGuzy) 18 Jan 2019

Ya! Michael Gove doesn’t know what he wants the people of Britain.

He d get my vote! ?#BatmanForPM https://t.co/XlPhv3nlLu

— Alan Jones (@alan_jones) 18 Jan 2019

I just vote for Batman.

Batman, where are you? We need you.

PS don’t send the joker, we’ve enough of them. #BatmanForPM #Batman4PM #BrexitShambles pic.twitter.com/BOKAQqpcb4

— Amanda at Voice Social (@voicesocialuk) 17 Jan 2019

Batman, where are you? We need you so bad! PS don’t send the Joker, we have plenty.

Yet another thing me and @michaelgove disagree about. We need #Batman more than ever, right now!#BatmanForPM pic.twitter.com/PdEHuRsiX7

— Jon Buckeridge (@captainbuckers) 17 Jan 2019

Another item on which I disagree with Michael Golom. We need Batman right now!

This is the most sensible thing I have heard for ages. Going to put this on the roof. #BatmanForPM #BBCNews #DailyExpress #DCComics pic.twitter.com/FlnH4YjWbB

— Carl East (@thecarleast) 16 Jan 2019.

Batman Prime Minister is the most sensible thing I’ve heard lately. I’ll put this thing on the roof.

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