The United States decided to withdraw missile defense in space

The United States decided to withdraw missile defense in space

New report on PRO contains elements of “star wars” and ways of dealing with a hypersonic weapon Russia.

A new report from the U.S. Department of defense on national missile defense (NMD) includes new, more aggressive strategy, with significant space component and placing weapons in orbit. First 2010 report on missile defense (Missile Defence Review) will publish today the President of the United States Donald trump during a visit to the Pentagon, but the media managed to find its key points.

It is expected that ABOUT US will be focused on countering threats from North Korea and Iran, and future threats from Russia and China.

Observers noted that in comparison with the previous report from the title, removed the word “ballistic”, i.e., refers to opposition maneuvering warheads and hypersonic weapons. “Looking back on the so-called “star wars” during the administration of Ronald Reagan, the new doctrine suggests that to adequately protect the US, the Pentagon is obliged to expand its military presence in space in order to more rapidly detect, track and destroy enemy missiles,” writes The Telegraph.

According to a senior official, to detect hypersonic missiles is planned to use existing and future network of sensors in space.

In addition, the Pentagon is seriously considering the possibility of placing satellites in orbit interceptor to destroy ballistic missiles in the boost phase, before will be able to start a hypersonic engine.

According to the newspaper, in the U.S. Congress expect from the military Department that is a detailed study of the orbital interceptors with kinetic and laser weapons. Also in the new concept ABOUT the capacity of means of interception and airplanes, including the newest fighter F-35.

Now adopting tools ABOUT US are based only on land and on Navy ships. Anti-missile forces, the Navy also proposes to modernize and to ensure the possibility of intercepting Intercontinental ballistic missiles.News“vanguard”, “Sarmatian”, “Dagger” and “Peresvet” Putin told about the latest Russian weapons

A senior White house official on condition of anonymity, told reporters that the new strategy is defensive and aimed primarily against threats from Iran and North Korea. “To deter a potential nuclear threat from Russia and China the US continues to rely on its nuclear Arsenal,” he said.

In 2018, trump has created a new kind of armed forces and military space forces of the United States (US Space Force, videoconferencing). They should be generated in 2020.