Cindy Fish deported from Thailand

Cindy Fish deported from Thailand

Fish Nastya (Anastasia, Vashukevich) and Alex Leslie (Alexander Kirillov) deported from Thailand with other convicts in the case of an illegal sex-training. About it reports Reuters

Eight of the defendants arrived at the airport accompanied by immigration police. They were immediately sent to passport control. With the press they refused to communicate. Together with other deportees they were put on a plane going to Moscow.

Previously, 15 Jan Fish, Leslie, and others involved in the case about the illegal sex training in Thailand pleaded guilty. They were sentenced to conditional term and the actual term of nine months they had already served in jail.

Then, it was reported that the court of Pattaya is taking steps to soon to be deported convicts, and before that they will be in the temporary detention centre of the immigration police of Thailand. To this the defendants refused to admit guilt.

Fish, Leslie, and six citizens of Russia and Belarus originally detained in February 2018. They were accused under three articles: the organization of a criminal Association, conspiracy consisting of more than five people to commit a crime, the organization of granting of services of a sexual nature with third parties with the consent of those persons in the criminal group.

Fame Nasty Fish and Alex Leslie received after posted in social networks information about the personal life of the businessman Oleg Deripaska. The businessman took them to court, and all the pictures and videos need to be removed.