Wife Shestun called the statement of the Prosecutor General’s office found billions about

Wife Shestun called the statement of the Prosecutor General’s office found billions about

The wife of the former head of the Serpukhov district Julia stated that the common General Prosecutor’s office information about the property of her husband is not true.

Earlier today, January 15, the official representative of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy said that the Supervisory authority intends to submit in the court the claim about seizure of property of mister Shestun a total value of RUB 10 billion in state revenue. Prosecutors counted 565 plots of land in the Serpukhov district, which are 40 legal entities, according to the attorney General, under control eks-the head of the district.

Also, the Department believes that Alexander Shestun actually belong to two recreation value of RUB 274 million, and also 22 car total cost of which comes to 27 million rubles From the mister Shestun the court were arrested and the house was 100 RUB. in the account of VTB.

The claim of the Prosecutor General protection Shestun intends to challenge. Julia Shestun assured that such assets from her husband “never had”.

She is confident that these actions of the Supervisory authority directed “solely to create negative opinions about the person arrested on trumped-up criminal case”.

The Prosecutor’s office as the oversight body should oversee the legitimacy of the investigation, and not to participate in the course of investigations. It is impossible not to take into account the bias of the Prosecutor General to Shestun. After all, he was the only applicant for the acclaimed “gambling business”, after which ten suburban prosecutors for a year was in jail, in hiding. As a senior member of the Prosecutor General Abrosimov, according to Shestun, was sentenced to 8 years for taking bribes.Julia Shestun

Alexander Shestun is accused of excess of powers of office. According to investigators, between 2008 and 2014 he wrongly gave the property to a private company four plots of land, thereby causing damage to the budget at 62.8 million rubles Alexander Shestun is under arrest since June 2018. Of accusations he denies. In April of the same year, Alexander Shestun has published on its YouTube channel a video in which he appealed to President Vladimir Putin and told about the threats by Moscow authorities and the FSB.

Read more about the statement of the General Prosecutor read in the article “Kommersant” “Alexander Shestun was a billionaire.”

Catherine Grobman

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