The British Parliament rejected a plan may for Brexit

The British Parliament rejected a plan may for Brexit

LONDON, January 15 — RIA Novosti, Maria Tobacco. British MPs rejected a proposal by Prime Minister Theresa may, the agreement on Brexit.

Thus, London has opened the way to a number of possible scenarios, including the very hard country’s withdrawal from the EU and the abolition of Brexit as a whole.

In support of the agreement made 202 MP, against — 432.

The vote is postponed once already in December, it was clear that the agreement is not gaining a sufficient number of votes of deputies. The result demonstrated that the Prime Minister failed to convince his colleagues that it reached agreement with the EU is the best possible.

Now the chances of a peaceful British exit from the EU on March 29, 2019 is almost gone.

Among the main variants of further developments: withdrawal from the EU without an agreement (which can have disastrous consequences for the country’s economy) or postpone the date of Brexit at a later date, the holding of early General elections or a new referendum, which theoretically can even cancel Brexit.

The question of distrust to the Prime Minister

After the vote, the leader of the British opposition labour MP Jeremy Corbyn has submitted to Parliament a proposal to censure may.

“It will be discussed tomorrow, and parliamentarians will have the opportunity to Express their views on the incompetence of the government,” said Corbin.

He said that the outcome of the vote was a major defeat for the government in 1920-ies.
She may said that if the Parliament will continue to trust her, she will present a plan of action for Brexit on Monday.