Trump at his own expense fed fast food invited to the White house sportsmen

Trump at his own expense fed fast food invited to the White house sportsmen

The President had to pay for the meal since because of the budget crisis, the Federal government has cut hospitality expenses.


WASHINGTON, January 15. /TASS/. The President of the United States Donald Trump had to pay for the meal — hamburgers, French fries with sauce and pizza to their guests on Monday at the White house members of the team of American football Clemson Tigers, as due to the ongoing in the country for the fourth week of the suspension of Federal government spending on public purposes, including the payment of staff, are limited, and these employees are partly sent on unpaid leave. This was reported by American media.

All of the dishes directly in cartons and wrappers were laid out on silver trays used in the residence in the techniques and sauce packing of potatoes were placed in a silver Sosnica.

“Since the Democrats refuse to negotiate on the question of the protection of the border, a large part of the White house staff sent on unpaid leave. The President personally paid for delivery of all your favorite food from fast food restaurants”, — explained to journalists fancy feast and the serving of the press Secretary the White house Sarah Sanders.

Earlier this evening, President @realDonaldTrump treated the Clemson Tigers football team to dinner in the State Dining Room! #ALLIN

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 15, 2019

The trump commented on the event:

We’ve got pizza, 300 hamburgers, a huge amount of fries is our favorite food. We’ve got a very large people who love to eat. We went and ordered American fast food, I pay for everything so we’re gonna have fun.

Trump added that he “likes everything” as self-treat, and the organization of the reception. “Everything is delicious, great American food. Interesting to see at the end of the evening, how many will remain,” he said.

Journalists tried to clarify that the President liked more, the products of McDonalds or Wendy’s. The American leader responded diplomatically: “I love everything American, and I like it.” Addressing his guests, he added, “enjoy your meal. Great food, grab, grab, boys.”

The budget crisis in the United States

From December 22 last year in the USA partially suspended the work of the Federal government due to the lack of budget funds. This happened due to the fact that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress failed to agree on budget parameters, in which trump and his party in the ultimate order want to include funds for the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico. The Democrats do not want to allocate funds from the Federal Treasury. The administration of the trump demands to appropriate for the construction of the wall $5.7 billion.