The American tried to overcome Internet addiction by baking a bread and lost

The American tried to overcome Internet addiction by baking a bread and lost

Journalist of the American edition of Mashable’s Brian Koerber tried to get rid of gagloshvili with a new hobby. He began to bake bread, but when the young man becoming very good, the experiment failed. His experience he described in the pages of the publication.

Koerber decided to choose a hobby that would allow him to ignore the Internet. It seemed to him that the manufacture of baked goods has nothing to do with access to the network. However, since the first day the Internet was required of him daily in order to see the recipes. After reading a dozen of articles and studied several guides on YouTube, he decided that enough is enough.

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Publication by Brian Koerber (@bkurbs) 19 Nov 2018 at 5:31 PST

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Getting started the cooking process, he realized that he had no flour, and instead of going to the store, ordered it on Amazon. He liked his own creation that he was unable to resist the temptation to put it in Instagram.

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A week later a novice Baker started a separate Instagram account in which she shared achievements. He hoped that he would be able to engage in his passion the attention of thousands of users, though I understand that few would subscribe to it, if he will publish only the bread.

To develop your page, Koerber had to subscribe to already known bakers. In addition, in an attempt to improve the technique, the journalist has plunged into a specialized discussion threads on Reddit.