In Brazil, the spiders wove a giant dome in the sky (video)

In Brazil, the spiders wove a giant dome in the sky (video)

Scientists say that everything is in order.

A resident of Brazil Cecilia Juninho Fonseca during a trip through the countryside in the municipality of espírito Santo do Dourado certainly felt like a heroine of a horror movie. She saw thousands hanging in the air, spiders and caught it on camera. Video Cecilia posted on Facebook, and here came the frightened users of the social network.

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As explained by Brazilian spiders from the sky is not falling, but spun in the air a giant dome from the web. And it looks really creepy.

While netizens have discussed an unusual phenomenon, came to the aid of specialists arachnologists, who explained that the soaring spiders is normal.

According to experts, such pictures can often be seen in regions with a hot climate and humidity. Using “air” network spiders easier and easier to catch prey.

Experts also identified the heroes of the video — spiders of the genus Parawixia and noted that they are not dangerous to humans.

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