Polish Russophile: the mayor of Gdansk died after the assassination attempt

Polish Russophile: the mayor of Gdansk died after the assassination attempt

The mayor of Gdansk died from stab wounds in the attack.

In Russia, expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich, known for his sympathy for Russia. The mayor, who led located near the Kaliningrad region the city has made many efforts to develop Russian-Polish ties. He also established the tradition of laying flowers to the graves of Soviet soldiers who died for the liberation of Poland.

The mayor of the Polish city of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich died from stab wounds inflicted in an attack.

The attack on the meeting happened on January 13 during WOŚP charity concert in Gdansk. Armed with a knife, the man attacked the mayor of the city and struck him several blows, including the heart. The doctors tried to save the meeting, but he died in hospital.

The assailant, whose name the police reports, explained their actions revenge for the torture in prison.

In this practice allegedly guilty of all members of the party “Civil Platform”, the member of which were Adamovich, reports the words of the attacker TVN24. According to the channel, this was stated by the investigators who conducted the interrogation of the suspect.

As noted, at the present time the question of the qualification of the crime.

According to the Prosecutor Krzysztof of Seraka, is questioned 20 witnesses. Experts continue to study the materials, and also look forward to the results of a study of blood from the attack on the subject of alcohol and psychotropic substances.

To work with the 27-year-old suspect planned to involve the psychiatrist and the Prosecutor’s office will seek his temporary arrest.