Dmitry Peskov: I Never went to Facebook, was not in the “Classmates”

Dmitry Peskov: I Never went to Facebook, was not in the “Classmates”

Press Secretary of the President of Russia in an exclusive interview with “AIF” — about the finances of Vladimir Putin, sanctions, and social networks.

In the edition of “AIF” has been the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. Questions to him and the journalists and readers of Newspapers have accumulated a lot, which is not surprising: Vladimir Putin was and remains the main newsmaker of the country. AIPPI publishes the first part of the conversation, which was so great that I had to split it into two materials.

“AiF”: — Dmitry Sergeyevich, and you can just about the money? If the President gets a pension, if so, what kind? And how can he pay this money?

Dmitry Peskov: I will remind you: when you have entered the first sanctions, for some reason the Americans decided that the main culprits of the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation is a number of our companies, including the Bank “Russia”. And then the President just decided his salary and a military pension to be transferred to the Bank card.

What exactly he’s got the pension, I can’t tell you, I don’t know. With regard to wages, it is set by presidential decree, as well as the salary of the Prime Minister.

— Whether the President to hold cash?

— This happens 1-2 times a year. When he is, say, Alpine skiing and walks in the mountain cafe, where need cash to pay.

— You said recently that the President has no mobile phone. How is he without it?

— Great! And as before without a phone cost?

Indeed, the head of state may not have a smartphone, because it means that the person agrees to full transparency.

— That is the news in the smartphone to scroll through the President can not? Where’s he getting the information? The press reads?

— In the Kremlin and the Novo-Ogarevo President on the table or in the reception there is almost a complete set of Newspapers and magazines. He reads a lot of this. Reading on the plane, because for him this is actually another house. He is not shy and the Internet, he’s watching there news.

— On Board the presidential airliner the Internet?

— Is. In addition, the press service of the President prepares various information and analytical materials.

Every day for the head of state is a compilation of news, television digest, that he looks, when I have time: sometimes when the car rides or plane flies, sometimes already at night.

Sometimes it is from someone learns about certain gear or the news and instructed him to prepare a compilation. A set of official sources of information is also very great: it’s ministries and departments, intelligence agencies, etc.

“Social networks in the current coordinate system politicized”

— What media you are browsing in your spare time?

— Internet and tape state media. In addition, of course, I get all materials of press-services. We have a service duty which oversees the television, radio and the Internet. Read the news from your work computer or phone. If something attracts attention, you are asked to prepare updated information.

— Telegram included in the list of channels of information?

— Telegram by itself is an interesting phenomenon. There’s a lot of informative channels: the historical, linguistic, economic. With regard to the political channels, I would say that the vast majority of them — a political science dill, and the dill customized, with a large number of fake and stupid. And all of it is used as a tool of manipulation by bureaucrats and journalists. Because apart from them there are few who read the Telegram channels.

Some officials, especially in the regions, tend to relate to what’s written there, very exaggerated. We give them simple advice: remove from your phone and live in peace. Many do that.

— Recently, politicians actively use social networks to communicate with voters. For example, trump is doing that is through Twitter. Our President can follow suit?